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Meet My Team

Yvonne Yang Team

 Zijian Zhao

With our team's insights and knowledge of specific neighborhoods and market conditions, Zijian can help guide you through this complicated process with your best interests in mind. Get assistance in determining the current property value, crafting a competitive offer, writing and negotiating a contract, getting the home ready for a hot listing, and much more. Zijian is not just a licensed realtor, but also a bridge between buyers and sellers. Zijian can help you navigate the market and each stage of finding the perfect deals.

Licensed Realtor 

Yvonne Yang Team

Wei has contributed to all areas of listing preparation. From planning and budgeting to monitoring the home projects, your home will be custom designed to complement the architecture and bring out its best features. Wei can ensure every project runs smoothly and delivers on time within the stipulated scope and budget.


Project Manager

Yvonne Yang Team


Provides administrative support to the team to ensure smooth real estate transactions and efficient accomplishment of key tasks. This includes assisting with paperwork, scheduling appointments, and organizing files alongside customer service duties to meet the needs of clients and third-party partners. Sofia is a detail-oriented self-starter, who can filter and prioritize information provided.

Executive Assistant

Yvonne Yang Team


Manages contracts and paperwork involved in Yvonne's transactions throughout the selling and buying process. With the help of Blues, procedures needed are carefully arranged and no deadline will be missed. Blues frees Yvonne's time to concentrate on the clients’ needs by supervising all administrative duties for all transactions from contract to close.

Transaction Coordinator

Yvonne Yang Team

RJ is the team's marketing specialist, who develops, implements, and executes strategic marketing plans for the team and properties. He helps the team with all marketing needs from planning and creating quality content, to maximizing and showcasing all listings on all platforms


Marketing Manager

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