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Elevating Home Value, Realizing Your Vision
Experience Yvonne Yang's Unmatched Property Transformation Expertise

Elevating Home Value

In the competitive real estate market, your home's first impression is invaluable. We are your trusted partner in this journey, offering a bespoke approach to transform your property. With a team of top-tier designers and contractors, we focus on strategic enhancements that not only captivate potential buyers but also significantly amplify your property's market value.

The Yvonne Yang Team's Approach

A Seamless Journey to Peak Marketability

Our Renovation Projects

Browse through our projects and witness the transformative magic that has not only redefined spaces but has consistently secured a substantial return on investment for sellers.

A curated selection of before-and-after showcases, illustrating the dramatic enhancements and market-ready transformations.

Success Stories from Delighted Sellers

Join the ranks of successful sellers who entrusted their homes to Yvonne. Discover their journeys of hassle-free transformations and the remarkable returns they achieved.

Joey Ye.jpeg

Joey Y.

Yvonne helped us to buy our home at 2015 and in 2021 she was our seller agent for this home. Yvonne and her team is very efficient and very helpful during the whole process. She helped to drive the whole selling process end to end and we do not need to worry anything about it. She got all the painting, remodeling, staging work done in 3 weeks with very good price and put the house to market and we got very good offers that are beyond our expectation at the first day and we decided to take the offer on the 2nd day. The whole process is smooth, efficient. I highly recommend Yvonne to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house in the bay area.

Sun Jun.png

Sun J.

It's the second time I am working with Yvonne. In 2017, I worked with her to buy my property, when she helped me steal the listing by just a few thousands dollars over the 2nd bid, which is insane in Bay area.
This time (in 2021), she helped me to sell the same listing. I am still impressed by her ability to maximizing gains for customers and strong relationship in the property market.
She has built a strong team which covering kitchen renovation and design, gardening, repairing with a fare price for me. Her team provides the service end to end and minimize the involvement and energy from me. I cannot remember anything I really doing myself in the whole selling process, which is a great relief for me.
My property ended up being sold at a price of top 3 in terms of dollar per square in the same zip code around the time of its closing, which has been identified as overvalued by Zillow in the next couple of months.
Thanks to the hot market and the wonderful work of Yvonne's team. My property is upvalued by 70% in just 4 years.
I definitely recommend Yvonne and her team for anyone looking for a smooth experience and the best deal (both selling and buying)

Yu T..jpeg

Yu T.

I enjoyed working with Yvonne and her team for both my condo selling and new house buying.
She has so many years of experience with excellent knowledge of each zip code in the bay area. She helped to recommend houses based on our requests, identify pros and cons for each house that we've looked at, and also provide her insights for the offer price that we should bid for.
She also did a great job with our condo selling in this fluctuating market with all methods she can think of.
We benefitted from her accumulated resources, from photo shooting, documents preparation, loan agents, offer placement, and all the way to contractors and remodeling suggestions.
I've developed a good relationship with her more than clients and agents since she is so straightforward, honest and energetic.
I'd like to recommend Yvonne and her team!!

Home Interior


Partner with us and unleash your home's hidden potential. We'll maximize its value, appeal, and marketability.

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