Yvonne Yang Testimonials

Yvonne was wonderful to work with. She was patient enough to explain to us the entire process of home buying and guided us through the process. She made sure we were comfortable at each and every stage. With her help, we were able to close the deal within one month. Great Job!

-Rui H. (Software Engineer at Google)

Yvonne helped us find a good quality and affordable house in just a few weeks. She is responsible and truly puts her client’s interest first. I highly recommend her if you are looking to buy a home in the Bay area.

-Sean M. (Global Program Manager at Facebook)

Yvonne is the most outstanding real estate broker I have ever worked with. She has accurate pricing estimates and never asks you to pay more than it’s worth. We decided to work with her on a Sunday, and got 2 offers accepted on Thursday, so that we can pick one we wanted. Everyone was surprised at how fast we got our house. I definitely recommend her for your real estate goal.

-Kate J. (Sr. User Experience Designer at Devicebook)

Rather than saying Yvonne is the best agent I have ever worked with, I’m willing to say that she has already become my friend and someone I really respect. She was never trying to sell, instead, she was helping my family with her greatest passion and efforts. Because of her, we not only bought a dream house, but also got a feeling of “home”. She even proved to us by her consistent behavior how important and meaningful for a person to have a faith.

-Linda Z. (VP of Strategy & Corporate Development at Sitri Group)

Yvonne has been my agent twice. She is resolute and determined. She always consider the value on our behalf. We put trust in her and would recommend her to anyone.

-Yifei F. (Member of Technical Staff at VMware)

A great great agent Yvonne is!

Not only for her perfect knowledge to find you the right house, but she also has very good people skills to ‘figure out’ the right bid for you :), she actually persuaded me to bid lower and I still got the house!

Yvonne is so passionate and easy-going, feels like a friend helping you out in this crazy house market.

Want to have peace of mind when hunting a house in this crazy bay area market? Go w/ Yvonne!

-Baokui Y. (Senior Software Engineer)

We worked with Yvonne in our house purchase in the South Bay Area earlier this year (2016). Yvonne has a lot of experience and acts quickly. She drove me to every house I’d like to see and explained every detail. We found her information to be extremely useful. Finally we found a house in Sunnyvale that we liked very much. Yvonne helped us get it in a relatively low price. In addition, she continued to answer our various questions after the purchase. We’ve become good friends after all this. I would recommend Yvonne Yang to anyone who plans to purchase a house in the bay area.

-Yiwen C. (Software Engineer at Google)

Yvonne is a true professional. She is very confident and fastidious at her job. Over the course of our buying process we ran into a couple of issues and Yvonne was very helpful in guiding us through it. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone who is looking to buy/sell real estate.

-Sahil R. (Director of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing at City and County of San Francisco)

Yvonne is very knowledgeable about the SF bay area real estate market. She’s very professional and responsive. Feels like a real friend in real estate.

-Haidong X. (Software Engineer at Google)

Yvonne was a very professional agent. She provided lots of suggestions and offered tremendous help when I bought my first house here in the bay area. Not only in recommending listings and offers, since I had very few experiences at that time, she also helped beyond her basic responsibilities (e.g. help on finding the right mortgage, choosing house upgrades and so on). I wouldn’t have been able to get this house so smoothly without her efforts. I highly recommended Yvonne if you are looking for an agent.

-Jiang Y. (Engineering Manager at Airbnb)

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