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​Yvonne is excellent. We had a great experience with her and were very happy with the result. She is super experienced and knowledgeable and always gives good and insightful suggestions. She gives good recommendations on what to look for and points out things that we miss when seeing the open houses. She is very patient with all the questions and very responsive. She is very proactive and well-connected and has a great supporting team to make sure everything goes well. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy a home in the bay area! - Pengyang Y.

Yvonne helped me with 4 homes till today: first home buy, first rental buy, first home sell and second home buy. She is an absolutely savvy and experienced real estate agent. She has deep insight and knowledge on the local market trend. She always puts clients' interest first. Let data speak for itself. My current home already gains 2 million dollars in equity as of today (after 2.5 years) and my rental reached 100% return on investment over 4 years. If I have questions on real estate market, I turn to Yvonne for advice. I trust her like I trust myself. - Yifei F.

This is our second time working with Yvonne. As always, she and her wonderful team are professional, responsive and efficient. As a buyer agent, she helped us to look for good resources of listing and with her experience she analyzed the market and price for us honestly. And we are very happy for the new home we bought together. As a seller agent, she sold our home very fast with a good price we never expected. I was impressed by those beautiful staging, pictures and description on website. Everything goes very smoothly. Will definitely work with her in the future! - lulinjiang1990

Yvonne helped us to buy our home at 2015 and in 2021 she was our seller agent for this home. Yvonne and her team is very efficient and very helpful during the whole process. She helped to drive the whole selling process end to end and we do not need to worry anything about it. She got all the painting, remodeling, staging work done in 3 weeks with very good price and put the house to market and we got very good offers that are beyond our expectation at the first day and we decided to take the offer on the 2nd day. The whole process is smooth, efficient. I highly recommend Yvonne to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house in the bay area. - Joey Y.

Yvonne is a very experienced and knowledgeable agent. She helped us go through the whole process when we brought our first house in the crazy south bay market. She provided insightful opinions on each of the house and helped analyze the advantages and disadvantages. Her extensive network spans across various professions related to home buying. - Iris Z.

We were so fortunate to have Yvonne be our agent since 2016. She helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. It is such a pleasure to work with Yvonne because she was always on our side working to help us buy/sell houses. When we were selling the house, Yvonne brought in a fabulous photographer and videographer to showcase our home online, which created much more foot traffic and brought in serious buyers. She also brought in a designer to help stage our home, which helped make it more appealing to a larger group of potential buyers. Yvonne's marketing skill is top notch and can't be beaten. When we were buying the house, even though the market was hot and we were in a bidding war, Yvonne never offers unreasonable prices. She finally helped us win the house at a very good price. We are so glad to have Yvonne and saved a lot of money! Yvonne was in many ways the perfect agent: professional, hard-working, detail-oriented, good with people, and a knack for closing the sale. Her honesty and professionalism make her win a very good reputation in the network as well. I now consider Yvonne a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone that is searching for a new home. - Kate W.

Yvonne helped us bought a single family house in Sunnyvale and sold our townhouse shortly after. She did a great job in both transactions. She has great knowledge and intuition on market trend thus saves us a lot of money. During the whole process she followed up with us in all details, provide us professional suggestions and never hesitate to jump in for any kind of help. We really appreciate her service and would definitely recommend her to others who are planning to buy or sell houses in bay area. - Yiwen C.

Yvonne and her team's profession and efficiency drove the whole buying process of our first home. Thanks to Yvonne and her team, we were able to buy our home in quite a short time period with smooth closing process. Yvonne was familiar with the properties we were visiting, understood our needs, and been patient with all my questions. Thanks to all the efforts Yvonne and her team put in! - Xiaoyi L.

It's the second time I am working with Yvonne. In 2017, I worked with her to buy my property, when she helped me steal the listing by just a few thousands dollars over the 2nd bid, which is insane in Bay area. This time (in 2021), she helped me to sell the same listing. I am still impressed by her ability to maximizing gains for customers and strong relationship in the property market. She has built a strong team which covering kitchen renovation and design, gardening, repairing with a fare price for me. Her team provides the service end to end and minimize the involvement and energy from me. I cannot remember anything I really doing myself in the whole selling process, which is a great relief for me. My property ended up being sold at a price of top 3 in terms of dollar per square in the same zip code around the time of its closing, which has been identified as overvalued by Zillow in the next couple of months. Thanks to the hot market and the wonderful work of Yvonne's team. My property is upvalued by 70% in just 4 years. I definitely recommend Yvonne and her team for anyone looking for a smooth experience and the best deal (both selling and buying). - Sun Jun

Very impressive, excellent service, Very knowledgeable about real estate business in Bay area. Coordinated remodeling , staging, marketing activities and sold our house in a timely manner with a decent price. Strongly recommend her to other customers who want to sell a house or conduct real estate business. - Greg Hsueh

Five years ago when we first look for real estate in Bay Area, we're impressed by Yvonne's professional and honesty. She is super familiar with Bay Area house market, policies and rules, always protect clients interests. We bought our house with reasonable price, all the process went very smoothly. Recently we decided to upgrade because of the expansion of family. In such competitive sellers' market, Yvonne successfully helped manage buy and sell simultaneously, make the whole process super productive and smooth. She is keen to the interest market and tax rules, and effectively help the client maximize the financial gain. We're able to get very low interest rate with her help. - Wenhua W.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Yvonne when she was recommended by a colleague. Yvonne was very knowledgeable about the local market and was able to provide us with valuable information about the various neighborhoods we were interested in. Yvonne made the process of finding a home much less stressful and we are extremely grateful for all of her team's hard work and dedication. - Bohao

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