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Don Gaspar de Portola first discovered Palo Alto in 1769. Palo Alto was originally called University Park, but was later renamed Palo Alto after the 1,000 year old coast redwood tree, El Palo Alto. It became an incorporated city in 1894.


Palo Alto is a beautiful community with a lively downtown. This community, with a population of 67,024, is known for its historic buildings and streets lined with trees. Palo Alto public schools are also ranked among the top in the nation.


Palo Alto is currently home to many high-tech companies such as Tesla Motors, Skype, Hewlett Packard VMWare, and much more. It was also a starter home for many other popular tech companies such as Facebook and Pinterest.


Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States, with pricey homes and high cost of living. Residents of this vibrant community are one of the most educated in the country with more than 80% of residents having received a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income as of 2016 is $137,043.

According to Area Vibes, 62% of Palo Alto residents reported their race as Caucasian followed by 29% Asian. The median age of their residents is 41 years old.


Palo Alto home prices are one of the most expensive in the Bay Area with homes sales averaging $3 million or more.

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Palo Alto Average Sale Price 2015-2018


Palo Alto Inventory 2015-2018


Palo Alto # of Properties Sold 2015-2018


Palo Alto Listing Price vs Selling Price 2015-2018


Palo Alto Price Per SqFt 2015-2018


**Please note that we try to display the most accurate data possible, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the statistics. Sources may vary. Please use this information as a rough guide.



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