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  • Yvonne Yang


Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Real Trends, Inc., the authoritative real estate data analysis company in the United States, has just released the list of national real estate agent rankings for 2021. Yvonne once again ranks 132nd on the individual agent ranking with annual sales of over $187M.

In the real estate industry, the authority of Real Trends' rankings is beyond doubt. According to annual sales, a total of 250 real estate agents were listed, with fewer than 30 real estate agents from the Bay Area. Yvonne is undoubtedly in the Top 20. Among the Chinese real estate agents listed, Yvonne is a well-deserved Top 5.

Yvonne personally builds and customizes plans for each property to be listed, and has a strong and professional team behind her. With clear division of labor and each member playing their own role, the team provides the strongest support for Yvonne's white-glove service. The Operation Team is responsible for all paperwork and process-related work, while the Project Team handles the execution work such as material selection, shopping, and communication with contractors when Yvonne packages each property. Not only responsible for selling clients' properties, the team also takes care of every aspect of the buying process, from decoration to renovation. The Marketing Team is responsible for both online and offline promotion to ensure maximum exposure for each property. All team members work diligently to help Yvonne free up as much time as possible to provide frontline service to her clients.

In addition to the team members, our strongest battle team also relies on a professional and reliable vendor team. Our staging company can arrange furniture and transportation for us as early as the second day after planning to list, and can urgently purchase furniture overnight to achieve the perfect effect required by Yvonne. Our photography team can provide VIP dedicated lines for us and choose the best shooting time based on weather conditions. Our renovation contractors work tirelessly late into the night, even transporting garbage at midnight to coordinate with our listing schedule. These reliable vendors guarantee the quality of our service.


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