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  • Yvonne Yang

Record Breaking Sale: $156K Over Asking Price at 2428 Golf Links Cir, Santa Clara

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking achievement in the Santa Clara community! Our recent sale at 2428 Golf Links Cir has set a new benchmark, selling for a remarkable $156,000 over the asking price. Curious about our winning strategies for this phenomenal success? Let's dive in!

Strategic Renovation:

One of our key strategies was to enhance the lighting of this spacious yet previously dim property. We knew that personalized and intentional improvements could make a dramatic difference. To brighten up the space, we added a stunning chandelier to the 16-ft ceiling in the main living area, where natural light was lacking. Attention to small details, like updating the stair railing color, made a big difference in the overall aesthetic.

Maximizing Space and Brightness:

We believe in making personalized enhancements that truly transform a home. For example, we converted a breakfast nook area into a formal dining space to maximize functionality. Our goal was to make the home brighter and more inviting, and the strategic addition of lighting fixtures achieved just that. Even in areas without windows, such as the master bath, we implemented solutions to ensure optimal lighting and ambiance.

Record Breaking Price:

Our efforts paid off handsomely, with this property selling for over $60,000 more than another property sold just a week apart! These enhancements not only added value but also attracted more interest from potential buyers, resulting in a highly competitive bidding process.

Highest in the Community:

With a sale price of $156,000 over the asking price, this achievement speaks volumes about the desirability of the property and the effectiveness of our strategies. We're proud to have achieved the highest sale price in the community, setting a new standard for real estate excellence.

We're committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your real estate goals!


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